Small Groups

As Eternal Passion, we not only seek to spread the gospel to unbelievers but also seek to edify other believers with the gospel. One way we do that is through Bible study groups called Passion Small Groups.


The aim is to have various small groups especially in South Africa, and the African continent at large. Passion Small Groups does not replace the importance of the local church, nor does it aspire to do so. In fact, through these groups, we unite believers from different churches.

Through our Bible Study, we hope to create a biblical community where we get to spend time together and share our thoughts about the Word of God. Not only are we looking to spend time discussing the Word of God, but we want to live it out. We want to be a small group of believers who are accountable to each other, and a group that really cares about each other. We will be helping one another grow in their faith, and to stand against all sufferings of life with an unshakable passion for Jesus Christ.

To visit or join one of our Passion Small Groups check the Events page for dates. Please contact us to RSVP through the following contacts.



Call/Text: +27 76 859 7423 OR +27 76 715 1016 OR +27 84 022 8798