Small Groups

Small Groups

As Eternal Passion, we not only seek to spread the gospel to unbelievers but also seek to edify other believers with the gospel. One way we do that is through Bible study groups called Passion Small Groups.


What is a Passion Small Group?

A Passion Small Group is a Bible study group made up of between 3-15 people meeting up with an aim of studying the Bible together.

The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone and in isolation from other Christians (see Acts 2:42). It’s for that reason that the small group also enjoy times of fellowship (e.g. picnics) while also developing biblical friendships with an aim of living in a community. We aim to grow in our understanding of the Bible while also seeking to apply it in our daily lives. We want to be a group of Christians marked by our deep love for God and the gospel of Jesus Christ, a sacrificial love for each other, accountability to one another, and discipleship relationships (see John 13:34-35).

To visit or join one of our Passion Small Groups find more information by clicking the location below.