Thank you for your interest in publishing with us, we hope the following will help answer some of your questions.

You should firstly note that Eternal Passion is a broad Christian organisation that produces, publishes, and distributes different Christian materials in different media formats. The following will only focus on articles, books, and study guides (including booklets) publication.

At Eternal Passion, we are always looking for fresh biblical content and material to publish. Before you submit your work for publication, please make sure you read and understand the following important points.

  1. Check out our doctrinal statement

Eternal Passion is evangelical in nature and would therefore not publish anything that is in contrast to the beliefs of Protestant Reformation as summarised below, popularly known as the five Solas.

We believe that as Christians we are

  • Saved by GRACE ALONE,
  • through FAITH ALONE,
  • that is in CHRIST ALONE,
  • SCRIPTURE ALONE is our highest authority and determines what is truth and,
  • we live for the GLORY OF GOD ALONE.

Read our doctrinal statement online for a broader view of our beliefs.

  1. Our focus is narrow
  • We do not publish everything we receive. The main reason is that some of the submissions are outside the areas of our focus. We do not publish fiction. We publish articles that mainly focus on Jesus Christ and His finished work at the Cross.
  • The best genres of what we are looking for is creative non-fiction, and include topics on Christian growth, Bible study, evangelism, apologetics, racism, and many other topics that would help Christians (and non-Christians who would repent toward God) develop an eternal passion for Jesus Christ.
  • Materials (especially articles) focusing on current affairs and how Christians can biblically respond to real life questions or struggles are of high interest to us.
  1. What we will not publish
  • Apart from point (1) and (2), materials that will be rejected include those that seek to bring disputes and divisions to the global and local Church of Jesus Christ—in part due to the unbiblical, unhistorical, ungrammatical, and out of context exegesis of Scripture.
  • We are an evangelical parachurch (that means we are not a church but we parallel and help the church in fulfilling the Great Commission) and therefore, we believe some doctrinal arguments can only be resolved by qualified faithful elders of the local church. As a result, articles aimed at fuelling arguments will be rejected, for the unity of the church, however good the exegesis.
  • Our editorial team, in consultation with the Eternal Passion Board and/or Theological Counsel, can overrule above points and therefore publish any articles it deems faithful to Scriptural teaching and/or edification of Christians and/or the local church.
  • Understand this: We will publish whatever that is in agreement with our doctrinal views (check point (1) for further reading of our doctrinal views).
  1. Format of your submission
  • Submitted materials can vary in length. If you submit a guest article, please aim to be between 600 and 900 words, using 12 point, Times New Romans font, and with one-line spacing between paragraphs.
  • Please submit your work as a Word document (not as a PDF or any other format).
  • Make sure that you add your short bio of three sentences or less at the beginning, and include your Twitter handle (if you have any). Also attach a clear I.D.-sized picture of yourself for your bio page.